Trash day Valet

VALET  TRASH  SERVICES         You Fill - em / We Wheel - em

          Wow! Only $12.50 for the first month                                        ** That's 50% off  **                                        " We move your trash cans for you "


Trash day Valet
will come to your residence each week and put your trash cans out for collection on the day prior to pick up and then return after collection to return trash cans to the proper place.
This service is great for those with physical  restrictions , age limitations and people who no longer wish to stress over the weekly chor of taking out the trash       
Only --- $25.00 per. mo.              
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save 50% on first month of service
     service area is defined by zip codes
90620    92625   92660    92661    92662    92663

if your zip code dose not apear on our list feel free to contact us as we are always expanding our service area.
thank you.
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